[Nintendo 64] Tom And Jerry In Fists Of Furry

Tom And Jerry In Fists Of Furry
Full nameTom And Jerry In Fists Of Furry
File size7.4MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Tom and Jerry are 2 famous cartoon characters in the world, which are the endless inspiration for film and game producers. Each episode, these two characters will bring many interesting battles and funny images for audiences to relax. Based on the hilarious battles of Tom and Jerry, the producer NewKidCo has released a funny fighting game called Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry.

General gameplay

This game has two game modes, including Single Player and Versus mode. Besides, the game also provides gamers with many interesting characters. In addition to the two main characters, Jerry and Tom, you can also use others, such as Nibble, Butch Cat, Tyke, Duckling and Spike. The battles will take place in many different landscapes like in the kitchen, living room or boxing ring.

The game mode

In single-player mode, the game allows you to compete with the CPU. In which, you will choose 1 of 7 characters to use. Also, each character has unique attack techniques. In addition to using each character’s unique attack technique to destroy opponents, the battlefield also prepares many different items for everyone to use. You just need to pick up objects to throw at opponents, such as chairs, apples, straw bundles, wooden sticks… Also, players can collect some special items (Power ups) to use. Each of them will have a unique feature for players to explore, and they will appear continuously during the battle. Therefore, you need to quickly collect Power-ups to upgrade the fighting power of the character and defeat your opponent quickly. This mode has more than 8 stages, each of which will bring different enemies and unique battle contexts. Moreover, the game allows you to choose 1 of 3 levels to play in battles with the CPU, including Easy, Medium and Hard.

In the Versus mode, the game offers multiplayer challenges. You can compete with other players in fun battles. For having funny matches, Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry is prepared with many different folders for players to customize, including Round Length – set a time limit for a match; Rounds – the number of rounds to take in a battle. After customizing successfully, you will participate in the battle. Besides items and Power-ups to increase combat power, the game also prepares first aid boxes to restore energy.

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