[Nintendo 64] Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
Full nameTom Clancy's Rainbow Six
File size12.8MB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is ​​a unique strategy game combined with engaging action elements (shooting challenges). The context of the game takes place from 1999 to 2000. With the strong development of terrorist organizations around the world, Rainbow was established to deal with terrorist attacks. Members of this unit are from many countries, such as Russia, Israel, Austria, Sweden… Rainbow’s CEO is John Clark and captain Ding Chavez.

After being under operation, Rainbow had to confront a dangerous terrorist organization Phoenix Group. This organization carried out many insane attacks for protecting nature. To confront this eco-terrorist organization, Rainbow received the advice of John Brightling – the president of Horizon Inc., an eco-technology corporation. However, Rainbow members discovered a horrific secret that Phoenix Group received sponsorship and worked for Horizon Inc. In it, John Brightling is planning to destroy humanity by using the Ebola virus. This crazy plan will take place with large-scale terrorist attacks, and members of Horizon Inc. will spread this dangerous virus worldwide. In addition to killing humans, Brightling has created vaccines to save lives for the people who carried out renovating the Earth and build a new world. At the Olympics competition, Rainbow foiled this crazy terrorist plan and led Brightling to run away to his base in a forest in Brazil – Horizon Ark. After that, the force attacked the last base of Horizon Inc and arrested John Brightling.

With a strategic element, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six requires you to use many clever battle plans to destroy terrorist forces and rescue the hostages. Strategic challenges will be prepared for each mission, which will give you a certain number of soldiers to use. You can change the equipment of each soldier to suit assigned tasks. From there, gamers must observe the map of the battle area and arrange the battle line to defeat the enemy base. Also, the first phase of each mission is to develop a strategy. After that, you will be able to control some members of the attacking team to perform the task. In this game, you will control the character with the first perspective.

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