[Nintendo 64] Tonic Trouble (V1.1)

Tonic Trouble (V1.1)
Full nameTonic Trouble (V1.1)
File size9.6MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Tonic Trouble is an interesting platform game form Ubi Soft Montreal. It was released on August 31, 1999. The main character of the game is a purple alien – Ed. In the process of cleaning up the storage room on the spaceship, Ed was exhausted from chasing a bug. Unfortunately, Ed dropped a container containing a mysterious liquid into a stream on Earth. All the creatures on this planet have been transformed. In particular, a drunk guy near the river drank the mysterious liquid – Grögh. From there, he gained a source of supernatural powers and conquered the Earth. After the crazy incident, the leader of the resistance army Agent Xyz asked Ed to return to Earth and find the container, which helped them to research this special liquid and create an antidote for the Earth.

After receiving the mission, Ed used the small spacecraft to return to Earth. Here, our main character will meet two assistants to complete this task, including Professor Doc and his daughter – Suzy. While moving to the designated location, Ed’s ship crashed into a snowy mountain. From there, he had to walk down the foot of the mountain. Reaching the foothills, Ed quickly went to South Plain, and he met Suzy. However, Suzy asked Ed to rescue his father – a Professor who was being caught by his robot. This machine had been transformed because of the mysterious liquid. After successfully rescuing Professor Doc, Ed was informed that the Professor had successfully built a teleporter to help him get inside Grögh’s castle for collecting the container. But in an incident, Grögh’s henchmen attacked the Professor and robbed various parts of this special machine. Therefore, you have to collect the spare parts of the machine and enter Grögh’s castle. Next, you will fight this boss to end the game.

In addition, Tonic Trouble allows gamers to control the character with an easy-to-see third view. To collect the parts of the teleporter and defeat the boss, you need to pass 12 different levels. In each game, you can control Ed to climb, run, jump, crawl or swim. By collecting popcorn, Ed will evolve into Super Ed and easily kill enemies along the way. Also, Ed is equipped with an additional support item, such as a pogo stick. He can use it to overcome lava or fight enemies.

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