[Nintendo 64] Turok 2 – Seeds Of Evil

Turok 2 – Seeds Of Evil
Full nameTurok 2 - Seeds Of Evil
File size27.1MB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

In 1988, after the success of the previous version, the developer Iguana Entertainment continued to release the second version of action game Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. The story revolved around Joshua Fireseed and Adon after the war with aliens in the first part. Adon, the alien female character, asks Joshua for help to destroy Primagen. Primagen is an alien monster with destructive power, which conquered new lands and began to build armies. Joshua started his journey to find Primagen with many difficulties. During his journey, he has to fight an alien army to collect magic gems. Special weapons were created when Joshua collects enough magical gems. He came to the final battle with many difficulties and dangers.

The player controls the character Joshua through six major stages. With the first view angle and beautiful images, you will have an engaging experience like watching a dramatic action movie. In the game, your original weapon is a shotgun. The game retains the same gameplay as the previous version. In the first levels, Joshua has to pass the guarded areas of the base. By defeating the guards, he will receive weapons and clues leading to the next room. Besides, some rooms contain bombs. To ensure safety, you must observe the map and follow the clues from the previous enemy. The weapons Joshua will pick up are rifles, shotguns and machine guns. After defeating enemies, he will fight the Boss at the end of the stage. Bosses possess weapons that are light machine guns and constantly move close to the player. Therefore, you have to move sensibly to evade and destroy them all.

Also, the missions will become simpler when the player chooses the multiplayer mode. Joshua and another character will together search for a way out of the room and lead to the center of the base. The last enemy will appear at the end of the stage, which is a large group of robots. They have great power and move fast. Joshua needs to move flexibly to defend and attack the robot. Sometimes, you should control Joshua to hide in a room to extend the search time of the robot and attack it suddenly. With a special weapon when collecting enough talismans, he quickly defeats the last enemy and completes the mission.

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