[Nintendo 64] Turok 3 – Shadow Of Oblivion

Turok 3 – Shadow Of Oblivion
Full nameTurok 3 - Shadow Of Oblivion
File size25.5MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion is the sequel version of the Turok game series released by Acclaim Entertainment in 2000.

The story

After fierce battles with aliens, their last base was destroyed by Joshua. However, the base explosion freed an Oblivion monster. It is a creature with the ability to destroy humans with the thought. Oblivion wanders in outer space and is heading towards the earth. Discovering strange objects about to invade, Joshua once again participated in the battle to protect the earth. He, along with Danielle, his sister and his brother Joseph, began finding Oblivion. However, the monsters attacked Danielle and Joseph. They got the help of Adon, who helped Joshua in the previous version. One of the two is tasked with destroying monsters in the game.

The gameplay

Players choose either Danielle or Joseph to start their mission. They will go to an abandoned military base via a trail along the way. Their weapons are an ax, bow and arrow. In this underground base, they saw the people who were controlled by monsters. With available weapons, players move to chase and destroy these people and avoid intrusion into the city. A huge monster is dropped from the plane at the end of the stage. They have to move flexibly left or right and back away to avoid direct attacks from enemies.

Subsequent stages appear when you destroy the monster. After that, players can move to another room in the base with new dangers. They received a shotgun and moved to find the exit in a long pipe. Monsters with strange shapes constantly appeared in the pipe to stop them. After defeating all monsters in the pipeline, the player can go up on the ground by a ladder. Here, they witness the scene of monsters eating people. They have to destroy them and move to the next part.

Players collect rifles after experiencing a series of dangers earlier. Oblivion is the last enemy they face to complete their mission. The game ends when you destroy Oblivion and its base.

The visual

In addition, Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion has great graphics and sound. They have many advanced improvements compared to the previous versions. It brings a sense of suspense to the player.

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