[Nintendo 64] V-Rally Edition 99

V-Rally Edition 99
Full nameV-Rally Edition 99
File size6.6MB
Region Japan Japan , USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

V-Rally Edition ’99 is an interesting sports game, which was released by Nintendo 64 in 1998. Players can enjoy the ultimate racing experience together with famous riders around the world. It can be said that V-Rally Edition ’99 is one of the best sports games that you cannot ignore.

In V-Rally Edition ’99, your task is to control a racing car and compete with other racers for the top position. The game offers two modes, including the mission and the tournament. In the Mission mode, the player chooses the car before starting the race. Players receive a certain amount of money to buy a new car. The racing vehicles come from famous brands with different shapes and maximum speeds. You can compete with other players on many unique racetracks, which is also arranged on many different terrains with diverse obstacles. Each racetrack has several stages that take place within the specified time. Players will receive bonuses and supporting items randomly on the track. Your tasks seem to be not so difficult such as collecting enough 10000 points, destroying three cars… Besides, you can use the bonuses to unlock new cars and upgrade the equipment on your vehicle. The upgraded equipment will increase stability and acceleration for vehicles such as engines and tires. A maximum upgrade will help players easily win in each race.

In Tournament mode, players participate in a race with many players from the Americas and Europe. They are divided into several groups. Players use their racing skills to overcome opponents in 3 rounds. To qualify for the next round, the racer must finish the laps the fastest or as soon as possible. However, the track appears to have some obstacles to discourage you like wooden crates and large rocks. When you touch them, your car will lose control and take a short time to regain the average speed. Whether the weather is foggy or rainy also affects the visibility of the riders. The best racers of each group will participate in the following races. In the final race, the drivers show off their skills on a long track with four laps. The champion of the game is the fastest finishers in the final round, who will receive the champion title and a prestigious trophy.

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