[Nintendo 64] Vigilante 8

Vigilante 8
Full nameVigilante 8
File size6.8MB
Genre Misc
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Vigilante 8 is an action game developed by Activision in 1999. The game background is set in 1975 with the serious consequences of the US economic crisis. In the city, many companies are constantly competing to survive and develop. OMAR, an oil and gas company, hired Sid Burn and his colleagues in Coyotes organization to destroy the competitor’s company. In this situation, Vigilantes was established under the direction of Convoy to fight against the illegal actions of OMAR.

In the game, your task is to control the members of Vigilantes group to overcome many challenges and complete their mission. The game has three game modes, including missions, entertainment and survival. Besides, you can choose to play in a single-player, two players or multiple players. In entertainment mode, you can select character and means before starting the game. Players control a special vehicle capable of moving on the road, underwater and even on steep hills. This vehicle is equipped with a machine gun with an unlimited number of bullets. Players drive around the area and look for OMAR bases. The game provides a map with markers to help gamers easily observe. When approaching the enemy base, players can activate the car’s firing function and destroy enemies. After defeating them, you will receive bonus points and additional energy items for the vehicle. During gunfights with an enemy, the vehicle can be attacked and may explode. Players need to collect repair boxes next to the bridges. Also, they will receive large destructive missiles at the end of the mode to destroy the enemy base.

Players participate in many levels with increasing difficulty in mission mode. They began the mission to destroy a small base near the center of OMAR. After successfully destroying these bases, you can use your vehicle to fight with many enemies. The final level of this mode is the battle between the player and an enemy tank. It continuously attacked you with two machine guns. At this point, the flexible movement is an important factor for players to complete the task.

In addition to the above two modes, the player team up with three other characters in the final mode. The game ends when they complete all missions and destroy the OMAR base.

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