[Nintendo 64] Virtual Chess 64

Virtual Chess 64
Full nameVirtual Chess 64
File size2.6MB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Virtual Chess 64 is a unique game from Titus France. In addition to the great visual system, the game simulates attractive chess matches very well and offers many interesting short videos for players to explore. When 1 piece on the board is captured, a short animation will appear, in which two pieces will fight lively. Scenes on the chessboard will be prepared as 2D images, and the battle scenes of each chess piece are designed in 3D. Also, this game prepares a basic guide system for people to understand the rules of competition. The instructions will be organized into different sections to help you memorize better.

How to play

With chess simulation, the game offers unique battle fights for players. In the game, your main task is to defeat all the opponent’s pieces and surround the King. Note, this game does not own the feature to return to the last operation. Therefore, you must think carefully before moving your pieces. In addition, you have to compete with diverse strategies to be able to respond appropriately to the enemy’s offensive or defensive plans. To assist players in each match, the manufacturer has designed a move feature to suggest players moving appropriately.

The challenges system

Besides, Virtual Chess 64 has over 10 different levels. Each of them will suit separate difficulty levels. The initial levels will bring simple matches for you to get acquainted and understand the strategies. The following levels will bring more complex opponents. Other players surely apply different strategies to take your pieces. Besides, the time to think and move the pieces of each opponent will occur faster. Therefore, you must keep calm to observe the current position of each chess piece on the table and predict the opponent’s next move. From there, you will come up with reasonable plans to prevent enemy attacks or cause the enemy to switch from attack to defense. When you win, the game will provide a video to celebrate you at the end of each match. With single-player mode, you will compete with A.I. The remaining game mode is 2 players, which allows you to compete with other players in the game system.

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