[Nintendo 64] Virtual Pool 64

Virtual Pool 64
Full nameVirtual Pool 64
File size4
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Virtual Pool 64 is a great sports simulation game about billiard. This game was released by Crave Entertainment in Europe on February 26, 1999, and in North America on December 17, 1998. Not only does it offer regular billiard matches but Studio Celeris also brings gamers many advanced features in gameplay. Each game will have unique rules for you to explore. To win, you need to accomplish the target of the game. When you don’t want to compete with certain rules, you can participate in the FreeStyle mode, which allows you to play your way.

With the Tournament, you can participate in a fixed tournament and compete with 32 other opponents (controlled by the A.I). To win the championship, you must overcome them and complete assigned missions with high scores. Besides, the matches of the game will not have a time limit. Therefore, you can freely think and use many different strategies to defeat the opponent. Gamers can play the above challenges through the 1st perspective, which helps you have an intuitive observation and more interesting feeling. To help players get used to the game and enjoy intensive matches, Virtual Pool 64 also prepares 3 separate levels for players to choose from, including Easy, Professional and Champion. Depending on each level, you can compete with the opponent on the tables with different sizes. In addition, A.I’s skills have also been changed to suit each match. When you first start exploring the game, you should play the Easy level first. It will help you train your skills and get used to the gameplay. When you become good enough, you can participate in the Professional and Champion levels.

To explore random matches, the game provides you with 2 modes, including Match and Shark Skins. In Match mode, you can participate in any match with A.I. This mode also requires you to follow a certain number of rules. Besides, you can hit the balls of the required number, even or odd numbers. Also, Shark Skins offers the challenge of removing a certain number of balls on a table. In which you have to hit 3, 6 or 9 balls. In addition to eliminating the number of balls on the table as required, you have to play with the fewest to win the game.

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