[Nintendo 64] War Gods

War Gods
Full nameWar Gods
File size9.8MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

War Gods is an engaging game, which brings gamers the most exciting combat. The game has similar gameplay to the famous Mortal Kombat series. Both of them were developed by Midway Games. In which, War Gods was officially released on Nintendo 64 on May 21, 1997, in North America and in Europe, on November 28, 1997. In the game, players will join in a fierce battle to compete for the champion of the world (or the strongest warrior on Earth). The content of the game relates to the event that an asteroid fell to Earth, and it carried a mysterious mineral. When this special resource exposed to the Earth’s creatures, it transformed them into powerful monsters. Since then, 10 powerful warriors with many dangerous fighting skills have appeared to participate in a mortal battle to find the strongest.

The game modes and gameplay

In War Gods, you will enjoy two game modes, including Single-player and two players. In 2-player mode, you and another player will be randomly selected characters available to use in the game. Each match will take place with a fixed time of 99 seconds. As for single-player mode, you can choose 1 of 10 characters to use and participate in fighting with the computer. To win the game, you need to kill the opponent by attacking to make their energy bar to 0 or cause more damage to the enemy. Besides, when you cannot knock out your opponent, the game will calculate the point and decide who the winner.

After you finish selecting the characters, you have to defeat the remaining 9 characters to enter the final challenge at the end of the game. In which, you will be faced with 3 special opponents, including a copy of your character and 2 different bosses (Grox and Exor). The enemies in the late stages will be harder to destroy because they all use many special skills. Therefore, you must be very careful and skillful.

The characters system

There are ten characters for you to choose from, including Warhead, Kabuki Jo, Vallah, Voodoo, Maximus, Ahau Kin, CY-5, Anubis, Tak and Pagan. In addition, War Gods has an interesting feature that is similar to the Mortal Kombat series as each character has a special skill to kill the enemy one more time at the end of each match (after you win the battle).

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