[Nintendo 64] Wave Race 64 (V1.1)

Wave Race 64 (V1.1)
Full nameWave Race 64 (V1.1)
File size5.6MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Wave Race 64 is a great racing game, which was developed by Nintendo EAD and released by Nintendo on the Nintendo 64 platform in 1996. Instead of challenging off-road driving or competing in busy city races, Wave Race 64 will bring you a new driving challenge. In which, gamers will control a Jet Ski and compete with other competitors on the races at the coast. The operation of Jet Ski is somewhat more complicated than the usual driving styles.

Wave Race 64 has 2 game modes, including single-player and 2 players. In the single-player mode, you will discover 3 smaller sections, including Stunt Mode, Championship and Time Trials. First, Stunt Mode requires players to accumulate high scores by performing acrobatics in the air. To win in this mode, you need to manipulate accurately and choose the right time to perform many beautiful acrobatic operations. Besides, this mode still requires the player to complete different races in a match. In the Time Trials, it has many complex challenges. At each race, this mode will offer a different time for you to complete the race, in which you have to finish the race in the shortest time to beat the other opponents. Finally, the Championship provides an interesting tournament with many attractive features for players to explore. This game mode also has 3 separate levels, including Normal, Hard, and Expert. Moreover, it has a special level named Reverse. In particular, the Normal level possesses six different types of race tracks for you to conquer. At a Hard level, you will be challenged with seven unique tracks. Finally, Reverse and Expert own a maximum of 8 race tracks each. In particular, the racetracks of Reverse are the tracks of Expert level but arranged in reverse for players to experience. To unlock new tracks in each level, you need to win the current race. At the end of each race, you will receive experience points, which will correspond to the position you won at the end of the race. Therefore, you must win the No. 1 position to go to the next stage. If you do not win 1st place, you will be terminated from the tournament.

When participating in the Championship, each race will be prepared with many different floats. Each of them will be arranged in separate areas along the way. There are two types of floats that you can distinguish them by color, including red and yellow. In particular, passing the red from the right or the yellow from the left will help your Jet Ski accelerate suddenly and achieve a high speed. From there, you can quickly overcome the other three competitors.

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