[Nintendo 64] WCW Mayhem

WCW Mayhem
Full nameWCW Mayhem
File size12.1MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

WCW Mayhem is an exciting game from Electronic Arts producer. Besides interesting combat content, WCW Mayhem also requires players to have smart fighting strategies to defeat the opponent. Unlike games with similar content and developed based on WCW, this game will not provide an energy bar for players to monitor the character’s stamina. Instead, you can refer to a comb bar with 8 different points. Every successful attack skill will increase your energy bar by 1 point, and your opponent’s energy bar will be deducted such a corresponding point. When your power bar reaches the required number of points, you can activate special attack skills to defeat your opponent and complete the match.

The gameplay

In the game, players have to move constantly and use different attack skills to be able to win. Also, using accumulated points to activate special skills requires you to calm down, which is a key point in using critical skills appropriately. If you hurry, your opponent can counter-attack you, leading you to lose the accumulated points. With 50 different characters, you will discover many special skills. Besides the battles inside the ring, players are also moved outside to fight. In particular, the outside area of some game modes will require gamers to equip with support items. However, the game has a weak point that A.I does like fighting outside the ring. In case A.I does not stand near you, it will automatically return to the ring and ridicule the player. For the match to continue outside the arena, when the two characters have left the ring, you and A.I must stand close to each other.

The characters collection and game modes

Besides, WCW Mayhem owns 12 of the well-known WCW competitive areas. This is another highlight of the game. During the game, you can use 50 professional wrestlers. These characters are arranged in 6 different groups, including NWO Wolfpac, Cruiserweights, The Horsemen, Hardcore, WCW, NWO Black and White. In addition to the available 50 characters, gamers can also create their professional wrestler in the character creating directory. The matches take place in many different forms. You can participate in group battles or compete with multiple opponents at the same time (1vs2 or 1vs3).

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