[Nintendo 64] Wipeout 64

Wipeout 64
Full nameWipeout 64
File size5.5MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Wipeout 64 is a fictional racing game, which was developed by Psygnosis and released by Midway Games on Nintendo 64 in 1998. The timeline of this game is 2098-after Wipeout tournament (2097). This version also owns many beautiful fantastic racing cars and complex racetracks for players to enjoy.

The game mode and gameplay

Wipeout 64 has 4 game modes, including Challenge, Time Trial, Single Player and Multiplayer. In the game, the races will take place in the fantasy context, and you will have to compete with 14 opponents at the same time. A match takes place with three main races, and you will start in the 15th position. Your task in each race is to control the movement speed to quickly overcome the opponents. In addition, the race also has a countdown timer to challenge the player’s ability. This timer is displayed in the upper left of the screen. To complete a race, you need to move through the check time points to get more extra time. When the timer runs to 0, but you have not reached the checkpoint, you will be terminated from the race. In addition to participating in races with the limited-time competition, players can use many types of weapons to destroy opponents on the track and overcome them. Each weapon will have a unique feature. Some of them can make the opponent slowing down or being exploded. Also, some other weapons have a defensive feature, which helps you prevent enemy attacks and move safely on the track. Note, some races will allow players to use weapons. However, some races do not allow gamers to use support items. In those races, players must rely on their reflexes and skillful driving to be able to defeat the competitors.

Besides, the game provides you with many challenges in the Challenge mode, Time Trial and Single Player with A.I. In these races, gamers must have a good concentration to complete the challenges the fastest. Competing with competitors at the complex racetrack with weapons allowed will not be easy. In Multiplayer mode, you can join in fun races. In multiplayer matches, you can freely compete and relax without thinking much about the performance.

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