[Nintendo 64] Wonder Project J2

Wonder Project J2
Full nameWonder Project J2
File size5.6MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Following the events of Wonder Project J, Wonder Project J2 brought a new character named Josette, a female robot – Gijin. This robot was designed by Dr. Geppetto, who was involved in the construction of Pino 15 years ago. After completing Josette, Dr. is old and could not take care of her. In addition, the antagonist from the previous version, Messala, received a direct order from the King – Siliconia (also known as Siliconia XIII) to find a mysterious girl living on Corloland. She is said to possess great J power, which can create a new world for the Gijin race. Since then, the royal army was sent to Corloland to search and arrest the girl holding the symbol J. After knowing this information, Dr. had requested Josette to go to Blueland to escape from the pursuit of the King. However, Blueland is now also controlled by the royal army to exploit minerals – Proton. Therefore, many dangers are waiting for Josette ahead.

In Wonder Project J2, gamers will communicate with the main character through a support friend, Bird. The challenges will focus on interesting puzzles that you have to solve. You will play the game through the 1st perspective. In addition, gamers will accompany Josette in the journey to escape from the Pursuit of Siliconia XIII. Along with the task of escaping, you have to teach Josette to help her get used to normal life. She will ask different questions, and you have 2 options to answer yes or no. Besides answering Josette’s questions, you can also order her to perform various tasks through Bird. However, she doesn’t always do what you ask.

After completing the basic instructions on a normal life for Josette, players will support her to overcome the challenges related to the King’s army. This force will find ways to catch Josette. Therefore, she needs to avoid fighting with the soldiers on the island and must make the enemy not suspicious of her appearance on Blueland. The tasks that you need to complete focus on intelligence and smart communication. Especially, the fighting element will not available in this game. It is considered a unique feature of the game in the market.

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