[Nintendo 64] WWF Attitude

WWF Attitude
Full nameWWF Attitude
File size27.9MB
Genre Action , Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

After releasing WWF War Zone in 1998, Acclaim Entertainment continued to develop and launch the next version of this game named WWF Attitude, in North America and Europe in 1999. Also, this version is the final version of the WWF series because WWF signed a new agreement with THQ Inc. after 1999.

The gameplay

In WWF Attitude, the gameplay system is similar to WWF War Zone. However, there are also some modifications to bring more exciting matches to the player. Instead of exploring matches in Challenge Mode, you can participate in a new game called Career Mode. In which, you have to compete with many opponents in important WWF events. The challenges will be arranged in separate stages for you to overcome. Besides, gamers will start professional matches at the House Show, which is also known as the Live Event. After completing the matches in the above stage, you continue to face the more dangerous competitors at WWE Raw. This stage has many different names such as Monday Night Raw or RAW. Following RAW, you have to overcome many other competitors at Pay-Per-View. After winning all the above events, players will start competing with other champions to win famous titles such as WWE Championship, WWE European Championship and WWE Intercontinental Championship. However, the title match matches will be more complicated than the basic events (RAW or House Show). In which, the competitors in the 3 championships above all possess strong competition skills. You need smart strategies to be able to defeat the opponent and win the final. Each match will take place on many different arenas. Besides, the character will have a energy bar at the top of the screen. The opponent only loses when their health bar drops to zero. Therefore, you need to attack continuously with critical skills for doing more damage to the opponent. Also, you have to avoid the opponent’s attack.

Other activities

Moreover, this version has a match comment system with a familiar commentator, Shane McMahon and a new commentator Jerry Lawler – a professional wrestler. In addition to participating in the events, you can also customize your game, like selecting the arena, competition rules … through the Create mode -A-Stable.

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