[Nintendo 64] WWF No Mercy (V1.1)

WWF No Mercy (V1.1)
Full nameWWF No Mercy (V1.1)
File size23.6MB
Genre Sports
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

After finishing the production contract with Acclaim Entertainment in 1999, WWF cooperated with a new producer – THQ Inc. and released a new game in 2000 named WWF No Mercy. This is the last version of WWF game on the Nintendo 64 platform, as well as the second game under the cooperation between THQ Inc. and WWF. Compared to other games with the same content, WWF No Mercy receives a lot of positive reviews from users due to the nice visual system and intuitive interface. Besides, the game mode is designed more carefully, allowing players to explore characters and stories fully.

The gameplay

In addition, the gameplay of WWF No Mercy has not changed too much. Gamers still participate in competitions for different events. Each will lead to a competitor for you to compete, including a single-player or teammate. Besides, each character will receive a special energy indicator. After recharging enough, players can activate the critical skills to defeat the opponent and end the game. Each character will have a unique skill for you to explore. Besides the basic things, players can unlock many new characters, new costumes and new arenas through the completion of battles at Smackdown Mall.

The game mode

Championship Mode has seven different stories corresponding to seven tournaments. The target is to achieve WWF championship titles by defeating a series of other dangerous and famous competitors like Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels … The tournament of the game is built in a non-linear form. Each story will occur according to many different events, depending on the matches you participate, win or lose). In addition to the battle challenges to win the championship, players have to accumulate bonuses to unlock unique items. Bonuses can be collected for completing various matches. You can get more bonuses by participating in some special games, such as Ladder Match and Survival Mode.

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