[Nintendo 64] WWF – War Zone

WWF – War Zone
Full nameWWF - War Zone
File size10.3MB
Genre Action , Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

In WWF War Zone, gamers can compete with other professional wrestlers to win the WWF championship. Besides, this game has a comment feature, which is under the operation of Jim Ross and Vince McMahon. Similar to many game versions related to World Wrestling Entertainment – WFF, you will enjoy 2 game modes, including single-player and multiplayer.

With single-player mode, you can participate in some parts like WWF Challenge or Tag Team. In WWF Challenge, you will start the game by choosing any professional wrestler to use. After that, you can immediately fight with another player. In the game, you have to face a lot of opponents to achieve the No. 1 title of WWE Champions. Besides defeating many opponents to win the championship, you also experience the rematch. In this match, the opponents that have been defeated before can challenge you in the game, Grudge Match. Joining fights with old opponents is quite complicated because these battles allow the character to use support tools. The rematch usually takes place with many support items around the arena so that the characters can quickly pick up and use them to defeat opponents. Besides, some matches are also conducted on a special stage. We can call it a cage match, in which the four sides of the ring will be erected with iron mesh to create a cage. In particular, the fighting challenges of the game will not end after you have won the championship. Instead, you will have to keep fighting to protect your title.

In addition to the single-player battles, you can also participate in group competitions in the Tag Team section. In this mode, you can fight in groups to get more fun. Each match will take place in the form of combat support, in which a member will fight with the opponent in the ring, and the remaining members will wait outside. When you cannot fight anymore, the player in the ring can call for support from his teammate. They can help him to continue fighting. The battle will end when a team member is completely defeated.

WWF War Zone allows players to create their own characters with many customizations. You can freely edit the appearance, health, name and other things. In particular, you can create characters of both genders (male and female) and choose beautiful costumes for them.

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