[Nintendo 64] Yoshi’s Story

Yoshi’s Story
Full nameYoshi's Story
File size8.8MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

YOSHI’S STORY is the sequel to Yoshi’s Island, which was released on Nintendo 64 in late 1997, on Wii in 2007 and on Wii U in 2016.

The story

Yoshi is the name of an island, on which there is a happy tree. The fruits from the happy tree will make the island grow and people happier. Yoshis is the main character of the game, whose the ability of connecting to the happy tree to become happier. One day, Baby Bowser feels jealous of the joy of this island’s residents. He wanted to make an evil plan. He used an ancient spell to turn Yoshis Island into a storybook. After that, he took away the tree of happiness so that the people on the island became weaker and weaker. Yoshis was unaffected by this incident. The boy decided to help everyone find the tree of happiness to return the island to its original state. Yoshis must pass 6 pages of the book and explore 4 challenges on each page to find Baby Bowser’s castle and defeat him.

The game mode and gameplay

The game has two game modes including Trial Mode and Story Mode. Players can choose and join two game modes right from the beginning of the game. When selecting Story Mode, players will be participating in a basic tutorial about the game. They will know how to play quickly. This game mode takes players to a large land, in which their task is to control their character to move continuously and collect fruits as well as destroy enemies. Along the way, there will also appear some puzzles. You need to use the eggs and arrange them according to a certain rule to solve the puzzle. In addition, the guide of Story Mode will be divided into 6 parts. Each section will have 4 challenges for players to experience. Each challenge has a sequence number to show its difficulty when the player chooses. To complete the puzzles and challenges, players will have to use many different strategies. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to get a big number of points. There are many ways to get a higher score. You can collect as many fruits as possible or try to collect rare fruits to gain higher points. Besides, it is Trial Mode. It has no tutorial, in which players need to learn the game slowly. Once you have entered Story mode, you will unlock the tutorial of Trial mode. Basically, every player should choose Story mode to start exploring the game and learn about how the game works.

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