Nintendo 64 Roms

Nintendo 64
Title Rating Downloads
USA Super Smash Bros.
USA Deadly Arts
USA Mortal Kombat Trilogy (V1.2)
Europe Dark Rift
USA ECW Hardcore Revolution
USA WCW Mayhem
USA Tom And Jerry In Fists Of Furry
USA Killer Instinct Gold (V1.2)
USA Flying Dragon
Europe G.A.S.P!! Fighter's NEXTream
USA Powerpuff Girls, The – Chemical X-Traction
USA Clay Fighter 63 1/3
USA Fighter’s Destiny
USA Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.
USA Dual Heroes
Europe Rakuga Kids


Nintendo 64 has been one of the most successful gaming consoles in the market. It is the fifth console generation of Nintendo, which was debuted in North America in 1996. Nintendo 64 is a great transformation from 2D to 3D with more impressive and beautiful features. At the release time, this console brought success to Nintendo. The slogan of 1996-2000 is “Get N or get out!”, which shows the big influence of that developer on the gaming market.


The development


At the release time of Nintendo 64, there were many competitors such as SEGA – a longtime rival, or Sony – a new game maker and publisher. However, Nintendo made some changes compared to competitors. They focused on perfecting the best system before launching, not following the market as before. Besides, they also promoted advertising and especially “catching” users to enjoy the wait. In the development process, Nintendo has also cooperated with Sony to launch the Nintendo PlayStation. However, in the end, they separated to develop due to many different reasons.



Since launch, the Nintendo 64 has achieved much success and recognition from users and critics. In which Next Generation magazine called Nintendo Ultra 64 as “the most secretive system” or “the most powerful gaming machine in the world”. Time Magazine praised Nintendo 64 as the ability to handle graphics quickly, powerfully, and smoothly. Even the top 6 famous critics of GamePro magazine agreed to buy Nintendo 64 as soon as it launches.

The famous games


The most famous Nintendo game and Nintendo 64 is Super Mario 64. Instead of playing a 2D horizontal screen like the previous NSE (Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNSE (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), players can enjoy a world more colorful and vivid. Following are the products associated with the 9x generation such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye 007, Doom, or Quake