[Nintendo DS] Super Mario 64 DS (v01)

Super Mario 64 DS (v01)
Full name0056 - Super Mario 64 DS (v01)
File size8.8MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Super Mario 64 DS is a 2004 platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. This is the starter game for the DS and the system’s first Mario game. Super Mario 64 DS is a remake of the 1996 Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 game, with new graphics, characters, and photos.


The gameplay of this version of Mario is relatively easy to control. You have only one right to retry the gameplay and instructions to play. The quests don’t help you understand what you need to be or where to go. It also has traps where you can easily hit a collapsed bridge but is covered with a layer of snow to disguise it, and this will bring you back to the first level. You may be given identifiers, but actually, this is something separate that can have something similar.


This is a pretty big problem with the game. The control of the buttons is rather annoying and is really difficult to hold patiently for many people. Mario moves are relatively sensitive, and if you’ve been quiet with the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy. Fortunately, you can adjust it with the touch of a button, the character in the game will be able to slow down. But this seems useless if you tilt the analog stick’s axis more than 20%. Mario has been driving excessively. When you tilt more than 20%, there is almost no difference in the speed of the character you are controlling, or there is a change but too small for players to perceive. Anyway, he went too fast. The 20-100% tilt makes almost no difference in speed since he goes very fast anyway. For racing games, maybe Super Mario 64 has to make one motion much better than reality. This will really be necessary on more difficult levels.

However, it also has a few relatively prominent points. The skiing level on the snow proves to be quite impressive when Mario’s fast-level speed is now necessary. It takes 2 seconds for Mario to do a quick jump and quickly glide across the ice. You will not lose patience with this part. Jumping distance is a problem for beginners. It is relatively easy to jump left or right, but it is challenging to jump.

This is only incorporated at the tape level. The ice sphere is relatively thin, and you can get the ice ball at any time and fall off the level. This will be a big challenge even for gamers who have defeated most types of Mario games before.

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