[Nintendo DS] Mario & Luigi – Partners In Time

Mario & Luigi – Partners In Time
Full name0216 - Mario & Luigi - Partners In Time
File size32.5MB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is a role-playing game which is developed by AlphaDream and firstly published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game at the end of 2005.


There is an alien race known as “Shroobs,” and they are quite hostile. One day, they were looking for something to conquer, and they happened to find the Mushroom Kingdom. They flew down and went without difficulty. However, there is a change: this is the past! Currently, E. Gadd just built a time machine powered by Cobalt Star, and Peach was the first to test it. Luckily, Peach is transported to the Mushroom Kingdom when Shroobs are attacking and is immediately kidnapped. Mario and Luigi are called to travel through the “time hole” left by the time machine when Peach uses it and rescues her from the Shroobs.


The gameplay here is excellent. Controlling Mario and Luigi is fundamental, as well as containing their little friends. Mario and Luigi learn special moves throughout the game to help them get through the game’s puzzles or make things quicker and more convenient. It’s easy to understand the controls, but there’s one thing even more critical to RPGs, and that’s the Combat System!

Competition system

If you’ve played SS, then their battle system will seem very familiar. You can decide to attack the enemy by jumping on them or by hitting them in the head with a hammer. When Mario and Luigi meet their little colleagues, you can also perform attacks with them. Babies work the same way, except that they use different buttons to attack. You also soon find out how to make Baby Mario and Mario shoot in the same turn, dealing more damage than usual. And, as in SS, you can dodge/deflect/resist enemy attacks. To avoid or counter an attack, just press the jump button, or if you need to use a hammer to deflect the attack, use X for Baby Mario or Y for Baby Luigi. When not in battle, you can still see the enemy on the screen, so you can avoid fighting them if you want. OR you can jump on them when not in battle so you can do some damage to them before the match starts. Something new to the combat system is an Item from Bros. You can now use items like cannon shells or kangaroos to strike enemies in battle and damage them.

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