[Nintendo DS] Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS
Full name1704 - Mario Party DS
File size19.2MB
Genre Misc
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Mario Party DS is the last party video game released by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo DS, first published in 2007.


When you first got this game, you’d be surprised to expect it to be just a standard Mario Party game without a lot of plot, but it’s actually a Story Mode game. Mario and his friends (Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, and Toad. Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong also got offers, but they weren’t playable characters) accepted. Accept the offer. Invitation from Bowser, in which he apologizes for terrorizing Mario and his friends and wants to end it all by hosting a wonderful dinner party for everyone. It was just another Bowser trap, and when Mario and his friends walked through the door, BAM !!! A cage fell on their heads, and Bowser shrank them. You have to play through different maps while helping people, such as Wiggler, Toadette, and Diddy Kong. Will you be the one who saves the day from the evil ways of Bowser?


It’s incredible to think that with all the new Mario Party games Nintendo releases every year, they still manage to find a way to make most of the Mini-Games different than the last one. And this game is no exception. You’ve got the standard Mini-Games, where you have to move around or press a button to hit something, jump, etc.

However, this is the Nintendo DS we are talking about! Nintendo has incorporated the Stylus and the Microphone in this game. In some Mini-Games, you have to rotate your Stylus in a circle on the screen to spin a wheel, or you may have to move around with the Directional Pad while tapping something on the screen with your Stylus. In some other Mini-Games, you have to blow out Candles through the Microphone or blow out a bomb’s fuse. Be careful not to set it off!


The game is also excellent in this genre! The graphics are better than the Nintendo 64 versions, and it has to be said that even if they are just as substantial as the Nintendo GameCube versions. Everything is colorful and vivid, and the Mini-Games looks great too. For some Mini-Games, if you are playing 2vs 2 or 1 vs. 3, it will only show your team. That said, Nintendo knows how to make it work in such a way that you can still see what your opponents are doing by looking at other monitors on your Nintendo DS, so you can always follow suit. Follow what. They perform in Mini-Game while trying to complete Mini-Game independently, even if you cannot see all the opponent’s movements.

The graphics in the cutscenes for Story Mode are also pretty cool. They are done in the style of a comic book, and everything is frozen. Your character will walk to the next location on the map, then a memory card of the name in distress will appear. An enemy image in that map will appear on both screens (as a rendered 3-D image), then a Mario Party race flashcard will appear on the bottom screen in the frame Freeze. It is very artistic and beautiful.

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