[Nintendo DS] 2073 – Naruto – Ninja Destiny (SQUiRE)

2073 – Naruto – Ninja Destiny (SQUiRE)
Full name2073 - Naruto - Ninja Destiny (SQUiRE)
File size15.6MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Naruto Shinobi Retsuden for the Nintendo DS is a Naruto game that goes farther than ever. It is a fighting game consisting of many different ways to battle.


The story mode starts from the finals of the Chunin exam (Naruto Vs. Neji) and ends with the part where Tsunade decides to become the Fifth Hokage after fighting Orochimaru. The story mode skips a lot of parts compared to the anime.


The gameplay for this game is similar to the other Naruto fighting games that you won’t believe it. It has a mission/story mode where you unlock other characters and fight some of your favorite Naruto Characters. The story may not be too hard, but the arcade is more challenging. Arcade mode also unlocks characters but not as many. You pick one of your unlocked characters and duke it out with all the other ones. This section is unique because, depending on how you fight, the game responds and makes your other battles harder depending on that information. It’s kind of like an Artificial Intelligence. You can also pick free battles where you can randomly fight any character or practice. Multiplayer is pretty much the same as a free battle but with two players. Multiplay is very much more interesting than normal, though, because it’s not just some CPU. It’s a real person your fighting with better skill.

The actual fighting isn’t as bad as it first seems but can be way too easy at times. For example, the first battle in story mode is harder than the final story battle which just seems strange. The attacks are limited to a weak attack (Y), a heavy attack (B), two jumping attacks, and then each character has a super attack that can be used when the gauge is full by pressing Forward+A simultaneously. The gauge is filled up by dealing or receiving damage to your opponent using a combination of the Y and B buttons and the jumping attacks. Jumping is performed by pressing the X button.

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