[Nintendo DS] 2082 – Mysterious Dungeon – Shiren The Wanderer

2082 – Mysterious Dungeon – Shiren The Wanderer
Full name2082 - Mysterious Dungeon - Shiren The Wanderer
File size6.2MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

The story

In Shiren the Wanderer, players will accompany Shiren and his ferret Koppa on a new adventure. In the game, they had gone a long way and they wanted to find a place to rest before it got dark. Natane Village was the right place to be at that time. When Shiren and Koppa were eating in a small restaurant, ferocious demons appeared and destroyed the village. After destroying the village, the demons left. In which people were always afraid of the demons because they always destroyed everything along the way. At this point, Shiren decided to build a large castle to protect the village of Natane and the people living there.

The gameplay

At the beginning of the game, players will control Shiren to explore dungeons to search for materials and build castles. You need to collect iron, water, sand, wood and soil. Besides, gamers can find higher quality materials when exploring more difficult dungeons. The number of monsters and traps in higher level dungeons will be greater. In the dungeon, monsters will appear to hinder your material collection. At this point, players have to attack them with punches. However, the character will automatically attack the monster when the player uses a small map. Also, players need to limit seeing monsters to avoid the hassle. Besides, there are two types of dungeons to choose from, including random dungeons and shuffle dungeons. In which, the shuffle dungeons have complex terrains. Players will spend a lot of time to explore this kind of dungeon. On the other hand, random dungeons have a simpler design with multiple areas connected by paths. After collecting all the materials, you can create a large castle. Monsters will soon return to Natane village to destroy everything. You have to defeat them until the castle is completed.

To stop the demons, gamers can’t use ordinary punches to attack them. Instead, Shiren owns a Katana. You should use it to attack monsters and protect the castle. After being destroyed, the monsters will drop new weapons. You can collect them to use or sell for money. In the store, there are also many support items and more powerful weapons for players to choose from. Gamers need to use the money to buy these items. Also, bonuses can only be earned by exploring dungeons or selling weapons. Therefore, gamers have to try to defeat as many demons in the dungeon to earn more money.

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