[Nintendo DS] Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors
Full nameSonic Colors
File size46.3MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Sonic Colors is an action game. The game revolves around battles in the fantasy world. In which, Eggman, the villain of the game, is an excellent Dr. in the city. He built an amusement park named Interstellar and attracted tourists with mysterious alien places. Realizing the dangers of the park, Sonic and his close friend Tails infiltrated the control center and explored Eggman’s plot. During the investigation, they discovered Eggman had imprisoned Wisp, aliens, for taking their power combined with the dangerous weapons he created to rule the world. When participating in the game, the player will accompany two heroes to protect the earth and bring Wisp to its planet.

The gameplay

In the game, players play the role of Sonic to complete their mission. He possesses the fast-moving and high jump ability. Sonic is a multi-stage game, and Sonic’s goal is to rescue eight Wisps from prison. He appeared in Eggman’s park at the first stage. The park contained many obstacles that hinder his journey. With flexible mobility, Sonic was quick to overcome difficulties and collect gold coins along the way. When moving, a small amount of energy in Sonic’s body is accumulated. This energy helps his movement speed gain and avoid being attacked by enemies. To collect a lot of bonuses when the stage is over, Sonic must reach the end of the park as fast as possible.

In the next stages, Sonic begins searching for a place of Wisp. When he rescues each Wisp, he will receive the power of that Wisp. In which, the White Wisp, Spike Pink, Green Hover and Blue Cube will help Sonic move faster to complete the goal. Besides increasing movement speed, Cyan Laser and Purple Frenzy act as weapons to defeat the enemy. Yellow Drill, the final Wisp plays the role of destroying dangerous areas in the enemy’s base. When 8 Wisps is successfully rescued, the player is taken to Eggman’s base in the final stage. The game ends when you defeat Eggman , and his mysterious park disappears.

The visual

The game quickly attracted a large number of players who loved the action game genre. In the game, the characters and Wisps are designed with beautiful colors and unique skill effects. The overall graphics of the game are friendly to players of all ages. Besides, the image and the rich mission system help players have the best entertainment experiences.

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