[Nintendo DS] Inazuma Eleven (S)

Inazuma Eleven (S)
Full name5534 - Inazuma Eleven (S)
File size131.2MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Inazuma Eleven is a soccer-themed media association created by Level-5. The franchise started with the release of Inazuma Eleven in 2008, with a series of games selling more than eight million copies worldwide in 2016.


In general, battles in INAZUMA ELEVEN are usually random instead of following a specific environmental system. It would help if you started with the small 4 vs. 4 quests. Here, you will be given the most basic tasks, such as scoring goals in the allotted time or taking the opponent’s ball. At the end of each match, you may face actual conflicts to decide to win and lose with the final opponents to win a ticket to the next round.

The controls also play a significant role. You can choose to move and control your characters with the touch keyboards. However, in some specific matches, you can choose to manage with the stylus. Its control scheme is almost perfect. You need to drag a line with the pen to navigate the character as you want and perform passing and kick movements. However, the problem here is that it is challenging to distinguish between kicking and passing even though you only need to touch someone to give the ball to them according to the instructions. If you want to shoot, handle the goal position with your hand. Also, taking the ball away from the defender ultimately leads to a strange offside situation, leaving players wondering if the programmers know what they’re doing.


In this respect, the game provides you with one of the series of scenes that really cannot be criticized. Most of them are short animations and happen frequently. This makes it possible to think of its original anime series if you’ve ever had the chance to read it. The character’s graphics are not very detailed, but at least you can see it relatively clearly. The characters are 2D but feel like 3D characters when they use the technique.

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