[Nintendo DS] Advance Wars – Dual Strike

Advance Wars – Dual Strike
Full name0088 - Advance Wars - Dual Strike
File size12.1MB
Genre Strategy , Turn Based Tactics
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Advance Wars: Dual Strike, known as Famicom Wars DS[b] in Japan, is a turn-based tactics video game developed by Intelligent Systems


The story is pretty much the same as every game, the Black Hole army has stricken the land again. After their defeat, they come back to wreak havoc on the land, in record time. So the nations of Orange Star, Yellow Comet, Green Earth, and Blue Moon, all team up, to stop the threat they thought was gone. The game spans over twenty-something missions and provides a nice flow of battles. You will constantly be challenged though, after about mission five, you are just taken back by how drastically the AI has changed, and how much tougher they are. The story was a little bland and boring and doesn’t really grab you. However, you do feel really good when you win.


The gameplay is great. Two front battles add a breath of fresh air to the series and make for an interesting change. There are several new units to use, which range from aircraft carriers to guided missiles to the all-new Megatank. If you thought the Neotanks from AW2 were overkill, the Megatank is simply a monster. It is balanced out, however, by its limited ammo. My only complaint is that the difficulty level seems to be a little easier than the previous Advance Wars games. This is probably due to the new CO tag system. You can now choose two COs instead of one and swap them at the end of your turns.

This allows you to maximize your strengths and overcome normal CO weaknesses. This also allows you to abuse certain overpowered pairs, such as Colin and Kanbei. The new tag system also brings with it CO Tag Powers. These game-breaking abilities allow you to use one CO’s superpower, then the other’s. As if that wasn’t overpowered enough, you also get to move your units a second time, effectively giving you two turns at once! It takes a long time to charge these tag powers, but the effects are simply devastating and can completely change the face of a battle.

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