[Nintendo DS] Animal Crossing – Wild World

Animal Crossing – Wild World
Full name0223 - Animal Crossing - Wild World
File size17.0MB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Animal Crossing: Wild World is a social simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game console released in Japan and North America in late 2005 and Europe in March 2006. 


There isn’t a set goal for this game. Though chances are you’ll want to make a lot of money to upgrade your house and buy furniture. There are several ways to obtain money. Such as selling fish and bugs you catch, growing foreign fruit trees, the stock market, and much more. Though making money may seem new and fun at first, but later on, it gets very repetitive. Let’s take fishing (one of the most common ways to make money) for an example. You get your rod, throw it near a fish until it bites, and believe me, sometimes it takes a lot of work to get the hook in the right spot as the fish as they move a lot. Anyways you wait until you see a little splash, and you pull. Now repeat that for an hour or so. Now don’t get me wrong; fishing isn’t all that bad. It’s a good feeling to catch a new fish, especially scarce ones such as the coelacanth. Though catching fresh fish can only last so long…Though you get a chance to see brand new fish once a new month starts. It is the same thing for most ways to make money.

Except for the stock market, The stock market is a turnip market, where you buy turnips from Joan and attempt to sell them at Nook’s store for a profit. It’s all luck, or well it used to be. Thanks to wifi, it’s pretty much impossible not to make a profit. Late in the week, dozens of people post their turnip prices at 400-600+ and charge people to come. Though at that price it shouldn’t be a problem. So if you want to avoid fishing and pick fruit, you should just start playing the stock market to make money, though you’ll have to check the boards frequently.


The graphics of this game are similar to the originals. However, it isn’t exactly the best I’ve seen on the DS. It’s somewhat colorful and bright, and I guess you can say it looks kind of cartoonish, but it perfectly fits this game. There isn’t too much to the game’s graphics, but most people are happy with it.


The game’s town music is enjoyable and straightforward, it’s nothing spectacular, but it fits the game. K.K slider will also play some catchy music at the cafe in the museum. You can again hear bug’s buzzing when they are near you and other small sounds regarding your surroundings. The animals can be quite annoying, but you can always turn them off.

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