[Nintendo DS] Animaniacs – Lights, Camera, Action (v01)

Animaniacs – Lights, Camera, Action (v01)
Full name5481 - Animaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action (v01)
File size2.8MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action! is an action game by Ignition Entertainment in 2005. The game is the Animaniacs’s journey in the animated film of the same name. The conflicts took place in a movie studio in Hollywood when their sales were declining, causing huge financial losses. The cause was due to the Animaniacs’s working. This made Thaddeus, the studio’s owner, to angry. He forced Animaniacs to play three films, including Theasure Iceland, Martian Assault and The Castle Of Dr. Shatchansniff. The sales kept Assault from getting fired, and he received many offers for the upcoming project.

The Gameplay

Basically, players can participate in the special movies from the Animaniacs’s perspective. He starts with the first movie Theasure Iceland at the boss’s request. Animaniacs are present at a place which contains enemies and prisoners. He has to collect food along the way and find the area’s exit. The Animaniacs’s difficulty is to overcome high barriers and gates. To go through the gate, he will search for the key in many rooms. Here, Animaniacs’ enemies are bandits. They use long swords and move continuously in the room to hinder him. With the available apples, Animaniacs will take advantage of the loophole to attack. The enemy is defeated after colliding with 3 apples. After obtaining the key, Animaniacs quickly unlocks the gate and continues the journey. He hurriedly runs through the areas containing many enemies and safely escapes the base. Animaniacs receives enthusiastic support from the audience when the film ends.

The challenges

The base next to the beach is in the next film of Animaniacs. He transforms into a white rabbit with finding the key to his master. In addition to the thieves, Animaniacs has to fight two dogs and the boss at the end of the film. It requires precision in the moves in the base. He will die if he falls down holes in the road. Animaniacs finds a wooden chest containing weapons that are bones. He uses them to defeat enemies at the end of the movie. The key is collected after the enemy is destroyed. He returns to the starting point to hand over the key and complete his mission. The Castle Of Dr. Cratchansniff is the last movie. He goes to a factory with an automatic guns attack. Upon intrusion detection, they will shoot lasers at the Animaniacs. He will learn rules and complete the required task. Animaniacs receives many bonuses after completing three films.

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