[Nintendo DS] Another Code – Two Memories

Another Code – Two Memories
Full name0052 - Another Code - Two Memories
File size21.6MB
Genre Adventure
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Another Code: Two Memories focuses on the journey to find the missing father on Ashley Mizuki Robbins’ Blood Edward Island (the main character and a 13-year-old girl). The mission will revolve around many different puzzles, and players have to have agile thinking ability to help Ashley complete the task.

In the game, you will control Ashley in two different views at the touch screen of the device. At the first perspective, you will complete the required challenges (moving objects, solving puzzles …). In the course of answering questions, the top screen will display with dialogues. And the bottom screen will provide many different answers to choose from. As for the top-down perspective, you will move the character to many different areas and observe the context (controlling the character in 3D environment).

The main characters are the daughters of Sayoko and Richard Robbins. They are researchers on the intelligence and ability to store human memories. However, her parents died after they mysteriously disappeared on Blood Edward Island. After her parents disappear, Ashley is cared for and brings up by Jessica Robbins (Richard’s younger sister and they live on the Seattle’s outskirts). While living with her aunt, Ashley often has scary nightmares (she dreams of hiding in a closet and witnessing someone being shot to death). Two days before Ashley’s 14-year-old birthday (11 years after the parents’ disappearance), a parcel is sent to where she lives, and the sender is confirmed to be Richard Robbins. This package contains a birthday card and a DAS device (which allows sending messages and storing pictures). It is pre-programmed with biometric checking, and only Ashley can use it. In particular, the message has content that Richard is waiting for his daughter on Blood Edward Island. Therefore, Jessica and Ashley go to Blood Edward Island according to the message that they receive (this island is located the Washington city’s coast). However, Richard doesn’t show up, and Jessica asks her niece to stay on the boat while she is looking for him. After a while, Jessica also disappears and doesn’t return. From there, Ashley decides to go to the island and to look for her relatives.

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