[Nintendo DS] Asphalt – Urban GT 2

Asphalt – Urban GT 2
Full name0689 - Asphalt - Urban GT 2
File size16.7MB
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Asphalt Urban GT was available on the Nintendo DS in 2004 with using the device’s 3D visual support. Besides personal challenges, this game also allows gamers to compete against each other using wireless connections. A race in multiplayer mode allows a maximum of 4 players to participate at the same time.

Race on super cars

By playing on a personal basis, you will enjoy CPU competition at many private tracks. In addition, the tracks are on many big-life cities like New York, Paris, Las Vegas … There are 9 race tracks to explore with many obstacle on the way. Besides, Gameloft has prepared 23 different racing cars to collect and use. An interesting feature is that it allows you to use 2 different types of vehicles (SUV and Sedan). The cars which you can use include Aston Martin Vanquish, Hummer H2, Lamborghini Murci√©lago, Ford Shelby Cobra Concept …

About the Gameplay and Game modes

Asphalt Urban GT’s single-mode is Arcade with four different parts. The first part is Instant Play, which has a fixed race sequence at different locations around the world. Each will take place with 3 laps, and you have to beat 7 others to win. The next part is Road Challenge, the races have a design with each content and offer different types of racing cars. There is 4 content, including 4×4 SUVs, Classic, Compact Cars and Urban Racers (have to unlock to experience). In the Time Attack, you have to complete a race in the shortest time. Finally, Free Races allows you to compete in many different styles. During a race, the screen will display the track and the car that you are using (with a third perspective).

Besides, the left corner of the screen also displays nitro fuel tanks to activate when they want to accelerate. You can accumulate nitro cylinders by performing various drifts at bends on the track. To assist the player in the movement speed, in the middle of the screen, there are navigation signs (turn left or turn right). At the touch screen at the bottom, the game will display a panoramic map and mark the racing cars participating in the competition in different colors.

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