[Nintendo DS] Daigasso! Band Brothers

Daigasso! Band Brothers
Full name0036 - Daigasso! Band Brothers
File size4.0MB
Genre Action , Music
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

In Daigasso! Band Brothers, players will explore many unique instruments and exciting music challenges. With a musical element, the challenge will focus on the ability to accurately reflect and control. This game has 35 basic songs to explore and 3 special songs that have to unlock to enjoy. The songs belong to different genres such as Classical music, Pop, Ballad or the famous music of Nintendo games (Zelda, Fire Badge …). Besides, each song has different parts, and each allows you to use a specific instrument (a song will have from 6 to 8 parts). However, some unique will require the use a certain instrument in multiple parts.

About Game modes

Basically, you will conquer the songs through 3 game modes, including Beginner Mode, Amateur Mode and Pro Mode. Beginner Mode brings basic challenges to become familiar with the control operations. In addition, this game is slow-paced, and gamers can easily achieve high scores. In Amateur Mode and Pro Mode, players enjoy songs at a faster pace. Therefore, you have to agile to complete the challenge. Having many proper control will help you create pleasant rhythms. In case your movements are slow and inconsistent with the song’s rhythm, it will create many chaotic sounds and cause discomfort.

Fun gameplay

Like many other challenges, Daigasso! Band Brothers has also a scoring system to check the player’s actions. When you perform good control and be suitable for the song’s tempo, you will receive a rating of Best and Good (equivalent to high scores). With the slow reflexes and your bad control actions, you have to get two others as Bad and Miss (meaning getting low scores). The highest score at the end of a song is 100. Besides the single-player, the game also offers a multiplayer challenge (allowing players to create a group). It allows 2 to 8 players to participate. In which, each will use a different type of instrument and coordinate well to create melodies. In addition, the bottom of the screen will display a percentage meter to compare the scores that each player has accumulated.

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