[Nintendo DS] Digimon World DS

Digimon World DS
Full name0662 - Digimon World DS
File size14.8MB
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Digimon World DS is a role-playing video game for the Nintendo DS developed by BEC and published by Bandai Namco Games.


Simply put, the story with not win any prizes. Your character starts in the real world, wondering what these monsters he’s been hearing about are. He walks into his school, and with no-one around, decides to log into his computer and search for them on what I only presume is their equivalent of Google. A Digimon site appears, gets a quick view of a Digi-Farm, then gets given the choice of ‘login’ to the Digital World or just walk away. Being as naive as all video game characters are, the hero clicks ‘Yes.’ He’s then sucked into the computer.

For a while, he’s confused until he meets the Digimon leader, who tells him that he has the potential to become a great tamer. So he gets given a Digimon and starts his journey to becoming Tamer King. Heard it before? Of course, you have. It’s in the book of generic stories put into games where it’s secondary.


The gameplay is where Digimon World DS shines. When given your starter Digimon (either Koromon, Tsunomon, or Tanemon), you’re able to battle. At the start of every battle, your Digivice scans the Digimon you’ve encountered. Once it’s observed a Digimon enough, you’re able to make one of your own. This means that you’ll be spending extra time in areas that hold Digimon, fighting, gaining experience, and scan data, so you can make more powerful versions of Digimon, which you get with more than 100% scan data. It’s nice to have a way of gaining monsters that don’t depend on luck, as most monster-raising games do.

Battling is easy to navigate, and you’re given the option to choose whether to use the touch screen to pick actions or use the buttons. For the most part, I believe it’s easier to use the buttons, so you don’t have to switch control styles every time a battle occurs. On that note, the rate at which actions occur is lovely. You could go through a screen with only 1 or 2 matches, something which would be a chore if there were any more. However, if you want to battle, just wandering around a little should provide you with as many as you need.

Digivolving is also an excellent addition to the game. It’s a way to make your Digimon stronger. To digivolve, your Digimon has to meet individual requirements, such as a certain level or amount of EXP. Most Digimon has more than one way to Digivolve, and you’ll often find yourself degenerating just to try a different route of Digivolution, which brings me to my next point.

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