[Nintendo DS] Dragon Ball Z – Supersonic Warriors 2

Dragon Ball Z – Supersonic Warriors 2
Full name0304 - Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors 2
File size30.2MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

The Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 is part 2 of the same name in the fighting genre based on the Dragon Ball franchise.


You’ve heard most of this, but Atari couldn’t resist the “what if” stories like last time. However, reaching a report if it is not easy. Usually, you have to fill in a special request from the connected map battle to unlock it. Usually, it’s mundane things, such as “win by running out of time” or “perfect.” Or it could be something adamant, such as “beat the enemy with super heavy damage at normal difficulty with a perfect hit” or “beat the enemy with Ultimate KO. ” They never tell you, and never will, so you have to experiment a little bit to unlock them all. What happens is surprisingly easy. Like, “what if Vegeta defeated Android before Cell showed up?” or, “What if Piccolo is hit by one of Babidi’s beams?” They are easy to unlock, if any, and very easy to understand and enjoy. It’s like splitting seasons and introducing new content. You never know what will happen.


The controls have been seriously improved. With the excellent button SIX, Atari keeps the guard button from the attack button and the ki button away from the attack button. Huh? Last time, all you could do was press a button over and over again and hope it hurts.

Now, they have a guard button, attack button, massive attack button, and a ki button. Forget the buttons for group tagging. It’s that easy. Just touch the character you want with your thumb on the touchscreen, and voila, you’re currently playing as [insert tagged here]. And the same goes for team attacks. Very lovely and very friendly. It’s the dash button. Or the kiosks charge one. It’s really Either or Beautiful man. Charging ki is too easy. And accessing is comfortable with dashes. And the buttons combine as easy as pie.


It depends on nine ways of setting diffusion. But it’s never so challenging that you’ll just say I quit. In fact … in ultimate mode, it pushes you to the limit. But it’s worth going through. It opens up fake stories about how, but the classic tale unfolds as you win more battles.

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