[Nintendo DS] Golden Sun – Dark Dawn

Golden Sun – Dark Dawn
Full name5367 - Golden Sun - Dark Dawn
File size159.7MB
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is the third installment in a series of fantasy role-playing video games developed by Camelot Software Planning for Nintendo.


Dark Dawn takes place 30 years after the events of Lost Age, and the original cast of characters, now known as the Warriors of Vale, have all gone their own ways, as well as aged slightly. Issac and Garet live together with their children, Matthew and Tyrell respectively, along with Ivan’s daughter, Karis, coming up for visiting. The world of Weyard is slowly recovering thanks to the Golden Sun Event that Issac and co. caused 30 years prior, but it’s also causing many a concern and trouble, as Psynergy Vortexes, large dark portals that suck the Psynergy (and essentially the life force) out of Adepts, are appearing everywhere.


Combat is fairly standard for an RPG; you have basic attacks, synergy, and items. You also have (as mentioned earlier) djinn to use and summons. Weapons have things called “unleashes”; these are essentially attacks that can happen instead of a basic attack. It also deals more damage to an enemy (or enemies) and inflict status effects on them. It’s like a much more visually appealing and damaging critical hit (which is an actual “unleash” too).

The gameplay is basically the same as the previous titles. You walk around a dungeon/open world, while at the same time trying to complete the task at hand. The battles are the same as the previous titles. It’s a turn-based RPG; you select what you want each character to do, and afterward, they attack/defend/use Psynergy/whatever. After you finish, you gain EXP, level up, learn new Psynergy, get money, etc. The battles can get annoying, especially if you want to get from point A to B.

When you get to a block in your path, you made need to use magical spells called Psynergy. Psynergy is basically today’s version of casting spells, which can vary from moving an object, telekinesis, or shooting a fireball. Throughout the game, you learn various Psynergy’s, most of which are used in battle.

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