[Nintendo DS] GoldenEye – Rogue Agent

GoldenEye – Rogue Agent
Full name0118 - GoldenEye - Rogue Agent
File size6.0MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Based on some James Bond’s content, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent will bring exciting battle and adventure challenges. In the game, you will become a professional assassin and enjoy the exciting combat missions. The main character is a former agent (who worked for MI6, was fired for ineffective and reckless). After leaving the intelligence organization, he is recruited by a criminal organization (Auric Enterprises) to destroy their competitor, Dr. Julius No.

The objective is to complete the assigned tasks with the first perspective. GoldenEye: Rogue Agent offers 8 different levels, and each will take place in different areas. For example, the first will take place in Hong Kong, the next will be at Hoover Dam. With the shooting challenge, players can use a variety of private weapons (pistols, machine guns or grenades). In which, your basic weapon is a pistol with an unlimited amount of ammunition. The others will have a limited amount of ammunition.

In addition to using personal weapons to fight enemies, the main character has also four special skills to use during the challenge. The first is the MRI technique, you can see through a wall. The next is activating an energy shield, which helps you to stop the bullets from enemy’s weapons. The third is EM hacking, it gives the ability to hijack all types of opponents’ machines or electronics. The fourth is to create a source of magnetic energy and push the opponent away. To activate the skills, you will have to consume a certain energy source and after using it. The energy meter will be automatically restored. Another feature is that you can upgrade these 4 skills after completing a level. Besides, the game has also a multiplayer mode. It allows four players to participate in the battle on a map. In addition to the available maps, players can also use the battle maps in the campaign. However, you can only explore them after completing the corresponding tasks in campaign mode.

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