[Nintendo DS] Jump Super Stars

Jump Super Stars
Full name0085 - Jump Super Stars
File size13.7MB
Genre Fighting
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Jump Super Stars is an action game by Ganbarion in 2005. With beautiful graphics and creative gameplay, the game promises to bring players exciting experiences through many dramatic matches.

The Gameplay

The game offers two modes, single player and multiplayer (up to four players) with different goals. They come to the battle between 160 characters. Before the starting, players will choose in 34 koma, the hero displays through the cards to create a complete army. Each koma has different set of skills with three categories, including helper koma, combat koma, and support koma. The army makes sense when there is at least one type of koma in the battle. Koma assistance randomly appears during the match’s stages. When it appears, it will use power to accompany the koma to fight in the fight. The character plays the most important role in the battle koma. He creates massive damage to the enemy and destroys them. However, the battle becomes dangerous without the Koma’s help. He is responsible for blocking attacks from enemies, increasing the energy and physical strength to fight and reducing the recovery time. The combination powers makes it easy for players to win in each battle.

Many Levels to challenge

After selecting a suitable Koma, players go to the challenge that takes place in 80 levels with increasing difficulty. They come to a cave that has many enemies. The battle begins when they discover intrusions from the army that player controls. In single-player mode, players can flexibly control the koma to fight. They will observe the strength and Koma’s energy on the screen to make the right moves. Koma successfully activates special skills when the energy bar is filled. It helps them kill enemies quickly and go to the next area.

Bosses appear after the player passes certain levels. They have great strength and stamina which makes it difficult to fight. Players base on the weakness that is the slow movement speed to attack and knockdown within the required time. In addition to the familiar one-player mode, players will conquer the challenges more simply in the multiplayer mode. A maximum of 4 players controls 4 Koma in this journey. When the Koma stands side by side, the character’s resistance and movement speed are increased. The game ends when the player completes all levels.

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