[Nintendo DS] Kirby – Canvas Curse

Kirby – Canvas Curse
Full name0028 - Kirby - Canvas Curse
File size14.5MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Kirby: Canvas Curse is a platforming video game developed by HAL Laboratory, published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS, and released in 2005.


Kirby had no arms or legs, no mouth. He has lost the ability to jump, fly, and eat his enemies. The only thing he can do is roll forward. To be honest, the world is in the hands of gamers, not Kirby. He’s useless without a stylus to stun the enemy for him to kill, or touch him and make him rush away, or draw a line for him to cross the hole. But then again, the stylus becomes useless without Kirby’s round body to manipulate. The game mechanics was actually one of Nintendo’s most innovative ideas in its late years, a company that once thrived on the risks it took but now has so many superstars so there’s no need risky. It’s easy to see that many people might not like this game. The idea of ​​controlling the hero with just the stylus and the stylus has only a little off. That is a risk. And it pays off.

Nintendo has kept things smartly simple. You can only perform a few moves with the stylus by touching Kirby or enemies, or drawing lines. Touching Kirby causes him to rush away and / or activate his powers. Touching the enemy would stun them so Kirby could defeat them. Line drawing uses a recoverable amount of ink to make a path for Kirby to follow or block the enemy’s attacks from attacking him. With just a few of these game functions, the Canvas Curse rides on level designs, mostly for sure. The beginning of the game is very easy, allowing you to get used to the stylus and control Kirby. And then the levels gradually increase more difficult.


You don’t have to worry about your game working for around eight to ten hours, as that means I can move on to the next game, but less than eight hours is a disappointment, especially Especially when a few of them are spent on exciting gathering sidequests. However, some people may enjoy the medal. You can replay the game with new characters if you really want to. They have slightly different abilities, all with the ability to roll forward and walk on the line drawn. From the unique point of view and the strength of the level and final boss designs, this game is definitely worth playing.

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