[Nintendo DS] Kirby – Squeak Squad

Kirby – Squeak Squad
Full name0732 - Kirby - Squeak Squad
File size7.2MB
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Kirby: Squeak Squad is a platforming video game in the Kirby series developed by HAL Laboratory and Flagship and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld video game console.


If you played Kirby games before, you would know that they have never been very story-heavy. But that’s OK because even with the bit of story we get, it’s still adorable! In this game, Kirby is about to munch away on his cake when suddenly, it vanishes! He then goes out on a journey to find it. There are a few “plot-twists” and some familiar faces along the way, but nothing too fancy. There are also some “cut-scenes,” which is rare in a Kirby game.


The game plays the same as other Kirby platformers before it. You move from the right/left/top/bottom side of the screen and try to reach the goal of the stage. As Kirby, you can inhale certain enemies to gain abilities, which you can use to fight. A new feature is that you can even use the abilities to affect the environment. For example, you can burn grass with the fire ability, or dig through the ground with the new animal ability. In this game though, you can even store abilities and items in Kirby’s tummy(which is the touch screen)!

You can hold up to 5 things, be it abilities or healing items, which can be used with a mere touch. In Kirby’s latest adventure, you can even go treasure hunting! Each stage has a certain amount of hidden treasure chests you can collect that contain secret items. You will have competition though! A gang of pillaging mice comes out at certain times during a stage to try and take a sitting chest. It’s fun to race against them to secure the chest and if they do happen to get it, you can battle them for it! All in all, the gameplay is super fun between all the abilities and treasure hunting! The controls are also very responsive and easy

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