[Nintendo DS] Kirby Super Stars Ultra

Kirby Super Stars Ultra
Full name2696 - Kirby Super Stars Ultra
File size53.0MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Kirby Super Star Ultra is the kind of game that makes you feel happy about the gaming industry. Instead of a simple remake or port, the company decided to add genuinely new material and improve the final product.


The Kirby series is known for being simple yet fun at the same time. None of the games are too stressful, but they all have ceratin bonus modes that are pretty hard to complete; This game is traditional. The core of Kirby’s gameplay is based on absorbing other monsters’ abilities. While previous titles attributed only one attack to each command, this game plays like a significantly underwater fighter. Different button combinations (run and press B, for example) create the possibility of performing another action.

This sounds complicated but relatively easy to learn, even if you haven’t played the original. For example, Sword uses a normal slash when Kirby is standing still or walking, but if he runs, he uses a miss. He fell to the ground in the air, slicing, finally, pressing B several times to perform a super fast stab. If you forgot any of these, pressing start while playing will display a comprehensive list of all possible attacks with a given ability.

One more overlooked improvement Super Star has introduced is its lifespan meter. Instead of having only five hits like in NiDL, Kirby’s energy is shown in the form of a bar. Some enemies take more health away than others, and some boss attacks, especially newer ones, can quickly take up half of your lifespan. It makes for a fairer experience, as bosses with the same clocks and different attacks take different health amounts.


The Kirby series has its own theme music, and all the classics are included in this game. Sounds are always great to hear, matching battle theme, as well as ending theme. There seems to be some low score from SNES’s sound, but they are tiny and not worth complaining about.

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