[Nintendo DS] The Legend Of Zelda – Spirit Tracks (US)

The Legend Of Zelda – Spirit Tracks (US)
Full nameLegend Of Zelda - Spirit Tracks (US)
File size49.3MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is one of the hottest action adventure games ever. It is developed and published for the first time on the Nintendo platform for handheld game consoles.


The main thing back in Hourglass was Link fitting out his steamboat and traversing the seas in search of the series’s usual damsel in distress, Zelda (though she goes by Tetra in Hourglass). In the storyline this time, Link is trying to assemble a ship to reach a new country (those who have played games in the same series know quite well) is building a train and passing by. this new country, but long story short, Link and Tetra were searching for a new country to rule in the Hourglass, and this is it). This time, however, we’re searching for the corpse of Zelda and piece back together with a sacred tower that got destroyed by some demon people… yeah, you read right, Zelda dies almost immediately. Though, get this, her spirit ends up accompanying Link around throughout his journey, and Link is one of the only people that can see her for some inexplicable reason.


Moving around is the same as in Hourglass. You running anywhere with a stylus and can’t use the D-Pad (sorry, people that like to conserve battery while playing, people that enjoy their touch screen not becoming a mess, and people that find using the touch screen so much to be awkward). To swing your sword, you slide your stylus quickly across the screen, so you better not have any jagged edges on your stylus, or you can say hello to scratched Greenville! And of course, the various weapons Link finds on his travels are controlled by 1 touch panel..

About those weapons, most of the staple weapons make returns (like the trusty boomerang!). There are some new ones about, like the very first one you get. It’s a very annoying thing to use. You have to blow into the mic (sorry, people that use less-than-legitimate ways to play and don’t have mics, and broken mic people!) to blow a gust of wind at something. Luckily, the boomerang does everything it can do better, and you barely have to deal with that annoying thing ever again.

HP is based around a heart meter, as in all previous installments of the series. You get hit, you lose part of a heart. After every boss, you get a heart container that gives you another heart on your meter. Extra seats are always lying around in jars, especially in boss battles, so it isn’t easy to die.

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