[Nintendo DS] Madden NFL 06

Madden NFL 06
Full name0086 - Madden NFL 06
File size13.2MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Madden NFL 06 is a unique sports game in the Madden NFL game series by EA Sports in 2005. Players will participate in football games with many major teams around the world. The game received many positive reviews. If you are a sports game enthusiast, Madden NFL 06 is the best choice.

3 game modes

Basically, the game has 3 main modes as tournament, practice, and online mode. In the beginning, they come to a training ground where their opponents are robots. They will learn to control and some basic skills on the ground. After understanding the rules and how to calculate the points, they go to a tournament in the first mode. Players will choose the difficulty, match time, and opponents in the first match. Before starting the match, they will select any team from the list. Each has 9 athletes with their own strengths. They have safety helmets during the match. A match takes place in two official matches within the specified time. Players and opponents perform matches in the audience’s observation and cheers. They will arrange athletes in positions according to a reserved strategy. Flexible and logical movement is an important factor to win the matches. The match takes place under the control of the referee. He will make decisions on penalties and notify the teams. Winning each round gives the player 1 point. An extra period occurs when the two teams’ scores are equal.

Become a champion

In each match, the player has two substitution rights. New athletes will bring unexpected results to the team. The player takes his team to the next rounds by winning the first match. The difficulty increases as they enter the next round. Changing tactics at the right time helps players find the opponent’s loopholes and win easily. The champion is the team that wins all opponents. They will receive the prize money and the prestigious cup in the game. The appeal does not only stop at the tournament but also the new mode. Players will come to new challenges by selecting the online mode. Here, they show their skills against rivals in the world. There are no goals in this mode.

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