[Nintendo DS] Meteos

Full name0060 - Meteos
File size32.5MB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Meteos is a challenging puzzle game similar to Lumines (2004) or Tetris (1984). In the game, you will compete in the touch screen and use the active stylus to move the blocks on the playground. Your goal is to remove as many blocks as possible or complete certain challenges. The blocks with different symbols and colors are meteos. You have to arrange them in horizontal or vertical rows with the number of three or more pieces. Each successful arrangement, they will be activated like a space rocket and take all out of the playground. Besides, the meteos’s falling rate from above will change over time. At certain intervals, it fall at a fast and constant pace, causing the playground to quickly fill up. Therefore, you have to quick and precise control to survive. As for the usual times, meteos will fall at a slow pace, making easy to observe and make smart arrangements.

Besides the intelligence, Meteos has also a diverse character system. Each will have a unique power to explore. The characters are aliens, and they come from many different planets. There are 32 aliens to use. The plot begins with the evil planet, Meteo, has sent meteors to others to destroy life with making Meteo become the only life planet in the universe. Therefore, the remaining planets have teamed up to destroy the evil plot and destroy Meteo.

Meteos offers four game modes, including Star Trip, Time War, Simple, and Deluge. When you want to explore the plot system, choose the Star Trip mode. It is a story mode that allows you to move in many different planets. You will make it with the Metamo Ark to destroy the meteors and reach Meteo. Time War will provide two tasks. They eliminate multiple blocks in a limited time or destroy the Meteos in the required number in a fixed time. Simple is a game mode that allows players to customize the number of lives and match’s difficulty. Deluge offers to achieve high scores before the playground is filled with Meteos.

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