[Nintendo DS] Nanostray

Full name0325 - Nanostray
File size10.5MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Nanostray was first available on the Nintendo DS in North America on July 19, 2005, and the others were in 2006. The challenge will focus on the ability to control a spaceship (the player is the main pilot) to confront a enemy’s mighty military force. Your objective is to destroy many units of soldiers and achieve high scores. The combat mission will take place in separate stages, and the enemy will destroy in many different attacks. Each brings different numbers and types of spacecraft to fight. In addition, at the end of each stage will bring a boss, and you have to defeat him to go forward.

On the top of the screen will display your spacecraft and enemies with many obstacles. At the touch screen, the game will provide a unique interface, including two energy bars on the right and a radar alert to identify enemies in combat. In which, one energy bar will display the spacecraft’s durability, and the other will be used to activate special attack skills.

The Game modes

Nanostray has also four attractive game modes, including Arcade, Challenge, Adventure, and Multiplayer. In Arcade mode, players can randomly select an available stage to compete and create outstanding achievements. However, you can only discover this mode after successfully conquering many different stages. Besides, Adventure is a basic game mode. Players will unlock many attractive features when participating in combat. This game has 8 stages as Sunahara Desert, Mitsurin Jungle, Mokuzu Depths, Sekihi Belt, Hibashira Plains, Sekai Outpost, Chuuroh City and Zenshoh Station. After having good achievements in Adventure and Arcade, you can discover more unique combat missions in the Challenge. Different from the two modes, Challenge brings 22 different combat missions, and each will set goals to complete. For example, you have to fight and defeat the enemy with a life or face multiple enemies without using extra weapons. Besides the single-player, Multiplayer will give gamers unique battles between two players with four separate challenges. They include Bonus Race, 25K (players who reach 25000 points first will win), Battle in 120 seconds, and Battle in 60 seconds.

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