[Nintendo DS] Naruto – Ninja Council 3

Naruto – Ninja Council 3
Full name1096 - Naruto - Ninja Council 3
File size27.8MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Naruto: Ninja Council 3 is an action video game released for the Nintendo DS and is the second installment in the Ninja Council series.


There are many characters in the series for you to unlock, but Absolutely no real story mode will likely hold people who are not entirely familiar with this series. Don’t get me wrong, while there are 64 quests. You’ll have a hard time seeing any text trying to get you acquainted with the characters and their stories. Eventually, you will know the game is played in the usual “pick a level and complete it” way, no questions asked and no answers.


One exciting detail turned out is that, in addition to choosing your current character at the start of each level, you can also choose up to 3 special attacks, which may not just cover the original episodes. Your character’s locations from the series but also moves from other characters. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only exciting thing added to this game, with all the other features appearing in previous rounds of the “Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu” series.

Now, up to 64 quests involve completing a particular scenario by doing a specific pursuit, including collecting a certain number of items, protecting a character. or even defeat a specific enemy. A quest becomes more common as the player progresses further in the game. This may sound like Jump Superstars eventually, but the result gets worse in the Jump game, as you’ll be faced with some quirky quests, most of which are independent Into this gameplay skill, which is your luck. Lack of connection with your skills can sometimes be frustrating, as you might even be the best player in the world, BUT you lose a level due to some extremely unlucky moments.

The battles sound fun, as you’ll be facing some characters taken directly from the series. More often than not, they seem to wander around in the same experience, leaving you running away from enemies as you try to fill your unique bar. This allows you to unleash one of your powerful special attacks (most of which attack not just everyone on the screen but everyone people in the area) and keep you away from any kind of direct combat.

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