[Nintendo DS] Naruto – Path Of The Ninja 2

Naruto – Path Of The Ninja 2
Full name2781 - Naruto - Path Of The Ninja 2
File size26.2MB
Genre Adventure , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

The Naruto series has existed for ten years now, and it’s amazing how successful it has been. One could even argue that it has been even better off than Dragonball. However, many of its games have been lackluster, or even horrible, though a few shine through as gaming gems is Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 the same? Let’s find out.


The story isn’t actually all that good, but it has potential. It’s like most filler stories in Naruto, really. It starts out in a village that guards a shrine that has a demon sealed inside. A trio of evil-doers show up and invade the shrine, intending to release the demon. A young girl runs to the Hidden Leaf Village for help. That’s where you take control of Naruto and Sakura. From there, they go around and gather several mirrors that will help seal the beast. They acquire the help of Squad 10, Squad 8, Squad Guy, and the Sand Siblings along the way. At each of the mirrors, they must fight an illusion from Naruto’s past- for example, the first mirror you find causes you to fight Haku and Zabuza. However, these fights feel slightly tacked on after the first few times, only a way of showing off fan favorites who wouldn’t be in the story otherwise. After collecting all the mirrors, and the Spirit Beast not really a spoiler, since he’s on the cover of the box but he’s a catfish. A giant catfish with two mouths.


The gameplay is reminiscent of several other RPGs. The active party comprises 4 characters- 3 of them in battle, with one backup character. There are nine slots on the battlefield in which one can place their character, and each spot has a different status effect- the further back you are, the less damage you take but, the less damage you give. Also, many Jutsu requires clever use of the touch screen to power them up slightly. Also, in addition to the copypasta RPG formula, one can equip several ninja tags. The tags allow access to powerful Jutsu, stat boosts, and other special conditions. There’s also a variety of enemies to fight and an online battle mode, making it replayable.

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