[Nintendo DS] Need For Speed – Underground 2

Need For Speed – Underground 2
Full name0002 - Need For Speed - Underground 2
File size7.8MB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is an extremely addictive racing video game on multiple platforms and is one of the famous game parts in the Need for Speed series.


This is the first time I see a racing game that features a plot. Six months before the game’s setting, the main character was a top-notch underground racer, but someone cruelly ended his career. Now he sets off to a new place to begin anew. Good plot, with all kinds of supporting characters to back the main driver up.


Before I knew this game, the only thing I can think about a racing game is all race with no breaks. First of all, though, the exploration mode in NFS: Underground 2 is undoubtedly good entertainment when you need to take a break from races to races. Not only that, during this exploration mode, you can do all sorts of things other than driving through the city, ranging from modifying your car to taking special offers like being featured in magazines. It’s all fun, but unfortunately, after some time, the explorable area seems to feel too small, which is very unfortunate for such a great feature. Not to mention that you don’t get to go everywhere from the get go; you have to win multiple races to gain access to the new areas. But well, what can we say if the game doesn’t focus on that.

Now, about your cars. You start with one car only, but you can add more cars to your garage after time. What’s more, you can modify your cars in many ways, starting from tuning it for the races to giving it nice visual touches. It may look fun at first, but these customizations are, implicitly, mandatory. And to make things worse, to make good customization, you have to do very well during the game to get more parts for your rides. Add that with the fact that you have quite limited resources for all those works, and this supposedly fun part becomes less attractive.

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