[Nintendo DS] Need For Speed – Underground 2

Need For Speed – Underground 2
Full name0041 - Need For Speed - Underground 2
File size7.8MB
Genre Racing
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is subsequent versions of Need for Speed: Underground. This game is also one of the famous versions of the Need for Speed ​​series. In this new version, players will compete in a new city and new driving challenges (Street X, Underground Racing League – U.R.L). The content is to bring the races which take place on the street. You have to have reasonable control when driving to win the match. A new feature compared to the old version is that it offers SUVs with powerful shapes and engines to use.

The story

The end of the events in part 1 (beat Eddie at Olympic City and win his Nissan Skyline GTR R34). The main character became a famous racer at Olympic City. Next, he received a video call from a strange man and invited him to join a professional riders group. However, the main character turned off and did not give an answer. Next, an old friend, Samantha, invited the Olympic City’s reigning champion to a lively party. He said that many fans wanted to meet him. The main character accepted the offer and quickly moved to the party. However, a traffic accident happened on the way, a Skyline collided with a black SUV (Hummer H2). After the incident, the champion left Olympic City and went to Bayview City. There, he bought a new racing car (from the Skyline accident compensation) in order to defeat the famous racers. In particular, his main goal was the Wraiths (a famous racing team) and their captain – Caleb Reece (checked the Hummer H2 in the accident 6 months ago).

How to play

Need for Speed: Underground 2 races will take place around Bayview City. Players will participate in different parts to compete with many other opponents. One match will have many other opponents. In addition, each match requires completing a different number of laps. In the upper screen of the device, you will observe the track and control the vehicle from a third perspective. The bottom screen has a stopwatch (to check the time to complete your lap) and a large map with dots (different colors) to mark the driver’s location on the track.

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