[Nintendo DS] Pokemon – Black and White

Pokemon – Black and White
Full name5585 - Pokemon - Black Version
File size100.7MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Pokemon – Black and White was the first game to feature 5th Generation Pokemon. As usual, the game was developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo DS. This is a Pokemon game version that is appreciated by many players because it has a good storyline and improved gameplay. In particular, the difficulty of the game has been raised a lot compared to the previous games.


Pokemon – Black and White takes you to a new land with new challenges and completely new opponents. You can also explore a completely unique collection of 5th Generation Pokémon! The story in the game takes place after the protagonist Ash and her mother travel with Professor Oak to the remote Unova region. Ash sees a lot of strange Pokemon that he has never seen before. As a Pokemon Trainer, Ash of course wanted to catch them right away. However, there is still a lot to do before starting the adventures. Unova is a land of talented Coaches. In order to become a Pokemon Master, Ash needed to face off and defeat the 7 Gym leaders at various locations.

Besides, the appearance of Team Plasma also makes the journey difficult. Team Plasma’s goal is to erase relationships between humans and Pokemon to let them grow freely. They argue that human intervention causes the world of Pokemon to be disturbed and it affects the Pokemon’s interests. Since then, conspiracies are made to target Ash and his friends. Get ready to shatter all evil conspiracies, overcome the Gym Leaders, and become the best Pokemon Trainer at Unova!


At the core of the gameplay, Pokemon – Black and White is still a role-playing game similar to previous games of the Series. However, there have been many new improvements to bring a better game experience to players. The player’s main task is to travel through the lands, capture, and train wild Pokemon. Then, you will participate in matches with Gym Leaders in different locations, winning against them for recognition.

Pokemon – Black and White is the beginning of 5th generation Pokemon. You can meet about 150 more Pokemon newly appeared in the game. The game also provides a circle of day and night and seasons to bring a more realistic experience to the player. Specifically, each type of Pokemon will change depending on the season and time of day. Pokemon also change their shape and color in different seasons.

The battles in Pokemon – Black and White are a lot faster-paced than previous versions. The game also brings a big change in the simulation of the game progression. Pokemon are constantly moving and the battle effects are beautifully rendered giving you the feeling of watching animation from a movie.

If Pokemon Pokemon Ruby Version brings 2vs2 pokemon matches, in this version, things are even more complicated. The game allows you to choose up to 3 Pokemon to fight at the same time in the arena. You control 3 different Pokemon to attack your opponent. Besides, Pokemon – Black and White also introduced many new features in gameplay such as Battle of Rotation, Wonder Launcher, Dream World, and Quick Trade / Battle.

The difference between the 2 versions, Black and White

Pokemon – Black and White has 2 different version options for you to choose from: Black or White. Overall, the two versions are mostly similar in terms of gameplay and features. However, there is a little change about contents in the game. Specifically, in the Black version, you can explore a new city (Black City), where you will battle Gym Leaders to win the Ribbons. Meanwhile, in the White section, you get to visit the White Forest, home to a lot of rare Pokemon. Here you can also purchase all the same rare items as on the Black version. In addition, there is also a little difference in the graphics of these 2 versions.

Download Pokemon – Black and White ROMS for free

Pokemon – Black and White is only available on Nintendo Ds. So if you want to play it without an original NDS console, replacing it with an emulator is a smart choice. We provide you the ROM file of Pokemon – Black and White ROMS, all you need to do is download it and run it on a suitable NDS Emulator. The PC experience is even better than the original.

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