[Nintendo DS] Pokemon – Versione Platino (IT)

Pokemon – Versione Platino (IT)
Full name3794 - Pokemon - Versione Platino (IT)
File size20.8MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)

Pokemon Platinum arrived like any other Pokemon game, full of hype, leaked images, fascination videos, rumors, and thousands of blog posts with every newly-announced feature or low-resolution screenshot.


At first glance, you might think the plot of Pokemon Platinum is very similar to the story of Diamond and Pearl. Well, for the most part, you’ll be right, but there are a few small changes that help improve it a bit. The temperature of the Sinnoh region has dropped due to anomalies associated with a world parallel to ours. The Galactic team shifted their plans from Dialga and Palkia to this world’s ruler and the star on the box, Giratina. Your mission, as always, is to catch as many Pokemon as possible to become Pokemon Master and then stop Team Galactic.


It’s a Pokemon, what more could you expect? The game consists of many monsters, 493 to be exact. Most of them can only be captured with a single copy of the game. With some extra fun, you can complete your collection and legally charge 492 of them. Some of them have one or more alternative ‘formes’, first introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with Deoxys. The game includes eight classic badges, all of which are required to become the Sinnoh League Champion, three the same badges as before (Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup), and the vast land Hokkaido based on Japan in the real world. Finally, the Battle Frontier, which started from the Battle Tower in Pokemon Crystal, returns, taking its inspiration from the original Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald. As you may know, this is an area of ​​many different fighting types, such as rentals (based on Pokemon Stadium) and specialties. This game can easily last for over 100 hours for you, being one of the most engaging Pokemon games to date.


This is the game’s lowest score because dozens of other games have proven that the DS can undoubtedly make great candies, from Super Mario 64 DS’s launch game to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. However, the game is not satisfied to look at. It’s bright, bright, and beautiful, especially in the beautifully drawn underworld. The battles, though not 3-D, retain the classic charm that precedent games have standardized. But to expect anything like detailed models in Pokemon Battle Revolution, as it may take some time before 3-D battles show up on handheld devices. This is an excellent example of good graphics; At least most Sinnoh Pokedex have new stones from Diamonds and Pearls!

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